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imagine if Percy and Jason heard about the selfie olympics oh my gosh the bathroom wood be flooded from Percy and Jason would do something at flying and they wouldn’t stop until they got the better selfie then the other


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"And we’re living happily ever after!"
"Yes, we are."

"Okay, can I just, say something crazy?"



I’ve had three of these prompts so….. I’m going to take a whack at this one. 

It’s been one of those days. 

You know the one that has her feet aching and her hair in disarray as she types frantically over her keyboard. It’s five til six and she doesn’t ever feel like she’s getting out of the office. 

Annabeth stops typing and reaches back, stretching- her shirt riding up as she feels the delicious pop of her spine. She leans her head back down and spots her assistant shamelessly staring at her from his pile of documents he’s highlighting. 

She winks at him and he grins back at her.

So, they’ve fucked a few times- okay, maybe not a few times. More like… a lot. She’s lost count of the number of times he’s made her lose her mind. But they’ve done well at keeping it hidden, well… actually he’s done well. 

She’d had to train her mind not to ogle him in his straight leg slacks- fitted over his ass in a way that made her insides burn. 

He stopped highlighting and looked at her, “Okay, can I just, say something crazy?”

Annabeth arched an eyebrow at him and hopes he isn’t going to say something he would normally say at her home. When he has her bent over the kitchen table murmuring in her ear, spreading her wider with each deep but slow thrust into her.

Her office is bugged and has video surveillance- office relationships are strictly frowned upon, especially boss and assistant ones.

"Depends." She said, carefully. 

He shakes his head, as to say he isn’t going to give their tryst away, “I’m pretty this is the most… normal thing we’ve done all week…. you know now that the Dobson Case is over with.”

Annabeth rolls her eyes, “That’s not crazy and I’m pretty sure you’re right.”

Percy tilts his head to the side and she can almost see exactly what he is thinking about. Last week they’d barely seen any of each other during the day- she’d been in court all week. Instead he’d met her at her apartment with take out each night. And after eating and a shower he’d fuck her senseless before cuddling her in the bed. 

She blushed slightly and it doesn’t escape his notice. He coughs, he wants to say something but can’t. She curses, mentally and gets up- putting her shoes on. 

"I’m calling it a night." She says slipping into her blazer and turning her computer off. 

Percy raises an eyebrow at her but sets his file folder down, anyways and gets up. Annabeth grabs her purse and walks to her door. He follows her out and she leaves without even a parting glance. Needing to get away from the pull, from the heat searing in her veins just by being in the same room as him. 

This wasn’t how it was suppose to be, she’d never carried on like this with any of her assistants but he’d come in and left a permanent mark on her life. They’d been sleeping together for about six months, nothing concrete between them. 

They both knew nothing could happen until he got an actual job as a attorney and not an assistant. He was taking the Bar in two weeks and Annabeth couldn’t wait. She couldn’t wait until they didn’t have to hide. 

She walked into her apartment and is changed, in sweats, by the time he’s opening the door and calling out her name. They have such a normal routine you would think they were in a normal relationship.

But, sadly, they’d never even been on a date. 

"Smells so good." She says walking into the kitchen eyeing the takeout of thai food he’d brought in with him. He smiles over at her over the kitchen island and takes off his jacket, undoing his tie almost simultaneously. 

"Hey." He says pulling her to him after he’s deposited the jacket on the dining room chair. 

She grins, easy, “Hi.” He laughs and kisses her, thoroughly. 

He pulls back and lets her go, “I’ve been wanting to do that all day.”

Annabeth hip checks him as she turns around and takes off the lid to one of the containers, “Me too.”

She passes his usual order to him as he does the same and Annabeth realizes that, maybe, she doesn’t need “normal.” 

Maybe… she just wants to be with him and that’s more than enough for her, right now. 

Reblogging for the morning crowd, I wrote this prompt late last night. 

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robert has the best smile out of the whole avengers cast




i’m sorry


I can’t hear you



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Things that I write:

  • Sins

Things that I don’t write:

  • Tragedies

Things people haven’t heard of

  • Closing the god damn door

Things the Bride is:

  • A whore

Things I wouldn’t be caught dead in: 

  • This Place

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